Mission Statement

Temple Area Property Association (TAPA) wishes to support the continued growth and redevelopment of the Temple University area in a responsible way.  We hope to both represent area property owners in neighborhood issues and to encourage responsible development and property management.

We wish to form relationships with all area stakeholders in order to further the common goals of safety, good conduct, and an attractive neighborhood.

We seek to continue to provide high quality market rate housing to the community.

We hope to work with community leaders, Temple University officials & local law enforcement to identify and promote the diverse needs of our community.

TAPA is a Registered Community Organization (RCO) with the City of Philadelphia.


  1. Continue to develop and promote a thriving, diverse, walkable, and sustainable urban neighborhood.
  2. Foster open communications with other area residents and community leaders.
  3. Establish a code of conduct for those we rent to, in order to ensure the rights of others to the peaceful enjoyment of their homes.
  4. Explore ways to increase security for our properties and for the neighborhood.
  5. Promote greater commercial development.
  6. Work with area residents to develop strategies for parking, neighborhood cleanups, and trash collection.